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Wade here.

He gets interesting. If you're not aware of the type of interesting, let me just be frank: He's not called the Merc with the Mouth for no reason.

Wade says a lot of terrible things in an effort to make people upset and tends to be a little negative CR magnet. IF you don't want that level of CR, feel free to mention it here!

AS WELL, Wade breaks the 4th wall.

If you don't want him doing this to YOUR character, say so here!


Feb. 29th, 2016 02:59 pm
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You've reached the voice mail of


Please leave a message after the tone.






You still there? Christ you're creepy, piss off.
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Personal Information
Name: Squid
Age: 26
Personal Journal: [profile] hailthebnarc
Email / AIM / MSN / Plurk: PLURK: squiddly, AIM: Squiddlypeon
Current Character(s): Ratchet

Character Information
Character Name: Wade Wilson/Deadpool
Fandom: Marvel World 616

Character History: Wade's life is a long and storied one (and full of retcons) so this is a generally pieced together history from most current accepted histories as far as Wade is concerned in Marvel World 616

>Wade Wilson is born. His parents are phenomenally awful, and he is abused by both parents on a regular basis. After a night where his father nearly kills him, he's sent away to an orphanage.

>He's abused in the orphanage as well, both by the children and by a woman he'd grown to love as a mother.

>Wade turns eighteen and joins the military, and does well enough in there. He falls in love with CopyCat at first and plans on spending his life with her.

>Wade is diagnosed with brain cancer. He breaks up with Copycat in the fear that his death will destroy her life. The military offers him a chance to escape death, and he takes it.

>IT WAS A BAD IDEA the mutagen the military pumps Wade full of (made with Wolverine's DNA) andvances the cancer from just brain cancer to literally everything cancer. Wade is stuck in a state of constantly healing and decaying, unable to die as every cell that is destroyed is immediately replaced and just as cancerous. He goes insane and is sent to a facility for 'mistakes' like himself. He's placed in a 'dead pool', a betting pool to see who dies first.

>Wade is a difficult patient, attempts to escape several times, and when his dearest friend is killed in front of him, he murders one of the doctors. In punishment, his heart is surgically removed from his chest. He simply grows it back, and escapes, murdering everyone in his path.

>Takes up a job as a gun for hire and is well known as a villain for a few years. An annoying, dangerous, shitty one.

>Meets Nate Summers, is half a shit and half not a shit, grows to like Nate Summers a lot, but they're both too MANLY to admit it. Wade goes in and out of working with and attempting to kill Nate, and the never really let the occasional mutual homicidal burst do anything to the relationship.

>We find Wade in (almost) current day, single and insane, attempting to be less of a villain than he once was (as being a hired gun involves being a bad guy). Morals are hard, but at least he's trying.

Character Personality: Wade's biggest defining trait is that he is hopelessly insane. Sometimes gleefully, sometimes violently, sometimes tragically so, but it is the only constant is that he is a broken person. His mind is shattered, and his brain so riddled with tumors and lesions that not even Wade can read his own mind. While this insanity usually projects itself in hyper activity, a constantly running mouth, random actions (or obsessively repeated ones) and mood swings, hallucinations and violence, he can always dive into lethargy, inactivity and depression as well. It's rare to ever find Wade in a correct state of mind, and lucidity is uncommon. It's hard to say if he even enjoys those moments of calm lucidity either, and he's very easy to jostle out of them too. But his madness is his only known constant.

Wade is a violent person, even before he was broken, he already had the schooling in violence. Coming from a bad childhood and having to deal with abuse his entire life, chances were even if Wade was entirely physically healthy, he wouldn't have been so mentally. He has learned he can fix his problems with fists, insults and guns, because who is going to argue with you if they're too scared or dead? Can't fight with him if you aren't able to. He does try, very hard, to break this part of him, as he has learned to love people like Siryn and Copycat, and Death itself as an entity, but he quickly becomes obsessive and controlling, putting his partner on a pedestal and becoming upset if they fall short. While he has never killed someone he loves (directly and intentionally) he has hurt them emotionally, so he usually just makes it a point to keep everyone who knows him at arms length, despite his desperate attempts to get their attention. It's an odd dance of coaxing people closer, and then shoving them away again, Wade himself can't make up his mind.

He finds trusting people difficult for that same reason, and has the odd habit of wanting to trust someone without issue, while questioning everything and plotting around them. After all, everyone he knows has attempted to kill him (with a handful of exceptions) so he hardly ever doubts anything will be different. And again, it isn't as if he makes it easy to not want to hurt him, as he almost seems to invite abuse, starting arguments, insulting people, being obstinate and occasionally attacking people. Again, he's an entirely contradictory person.

He masks his feelings of self loathing and horror at himself with humor, and is constantly cracking jokes at all times. It seems as if Wade cannot take anything seriously at all, and makes no effort to, turning everything said to him into some stupid joke, even if it's an insult against himself. As well, he puts on airs, and acts as if he's the most confident, handsome, powerful and competent person in the entire world, unafraid of anything and anyone. He never has a reason to be scared either, considering he cannot die. In truth, no one hates Wade more than Wade himself. He is repulsed and disgusted by his face and body, and sometimes by his own actions, but feels as if he has no other choice, as he has very poor impulse control and little ability to tell himself to stop. No one can control Wade Wilson's mind. Not even Wade Wilson.
Powers and Abilities: Regeneration: Stupidly overpowered regeneration. He can regenerate whole organs and body parts, and return from the dead.

Teleportation: If only due to the teleporter he got from Nate Summers

Strength: Not super human, but definitely Olympian.

Gymnast: He's very flexible and capable of twisting and bending around things very easily. He's also an excellent jumper and climber, probably one of the best parkour practitioners you'll ever find.

Expert Martial Artist: Wade has been trained in a vast array of martial arts and is extremely skilled with his swords.

Ace gunman: What it says on the tin, he's good with guns, a lot of guns.

Multilingual: Wade can speak several different languages, including, German, French, Russian and Spanish.

Network: Okay so some sources that I have are telling me it's actually totally illegal to do stuff like 'borrow things without asking', 'bring them five miles out of the area' and 'set them on fire'. First of all, we live in an age where no one can take a joke any more and this PC police culture needs to stop.

Second of all if you're that attached to underwear maybe you should stop leaving it all over your floor you know who you are.

I'll try not to take advantage of the fact that you're both a massive baby and the worse home owner in the entire universe, and in return I'm gonna expect you to not be a complete and total asswipe when we meet in public, you get me? No more insults or PA comments or 'Wade you can't punch a guy because he short changed you three dollars', you need to love me for me.

I hope we've all learned a valuable lesson from this.

Third Person: There was something calming about putting things together. Nice to just sit down and work with his hands sometimes, do something more productive than rearrange faces and laugh at people yelling at him. Both of those have been happening on the regular anyway, it was nice to give his knuckles a break. It was nice to sit here and... not think.It looked like what he was doing would involve a great deal of thought, and it did, just none of it was insidious introspection. Patterns and shapes, everything fitting just where it belonged. Not like other things he could name. He could name a few things that didn't fit right.

Another piece snapped into place, Wade studying his device. Things, despite all his attempts to the contrary... had been pretty calm here. Sure he'd dicked around with that Doctor guy, bounced off a few giant robots, made fun of Scott for a while and tried to slap some half naked guy's ass (he thought he was working for Chippendales he was always allowed to touch Chippendales) but other than that? Pretty calm. Pretty uneventful. It was something he was unused to, he wasn't used to calm and quiet and peaceful... and boring. He dearly wished for action, and while he knew there was a place not far he could go to have fun like... anyone else, he didn't entirely trust himself there. Couldn't go there, might do something there the locals couldn't recover from. Really, it was just fine here, he just had to make it more interesting. Do a few things to kick start a few fun features. He was sure it wouldn't be too hard to do, right?

No, just a few things, nothing major, no one dead (he was moving away from that now, no unnecessary dead people) but maybe a few... other unnecessary things. He turned the device over in his hands, connecting a few more wires.

A small detonation device, more smoke and spark than bomb, should be enough to get some people riled up, right? No one dead, nothing bad, just had to get some attention, right? Some attention, this attention was just fine. He yanked his mask down over his face, tossing the device into a bag and starting up a jaunty whistle.

It was going to be a good day.


Sep. 6th, 2014 11:45 pm
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Oh yeah should probably have one of these.

Anyway, he's a pretty complex character and I wouldn't mind some help~!


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